Fall Makeup Trends

Eight Looks to Try This Fall

As summer comes to an end, clients are surely sad to pack away their liquid bronzers and dewy highlighters that were summer staples this season. Summer makeup trends are reminiscent of fun in the sun, glistening (faux) tans, and long-lasting tangerine lips. But just as the fleeing season brings about a new one, so do the makeup trends that go along with it. This year’s fall makeup trends pack a punch that is sure to knock out any summertime sadness as September approaches.

1. Matte Red Lips

Move over, lip stains and make room for velvety matte red lips. This season, long-lasting, bold and blood red lips are trending! Pair this look with a clean base and minimal blush for a modern and edgy vibe.

Pro Tip:

Dust a layer of translucent powder over your favorite lipstick to mattifying without drying. This technique also amps up the staying power of cream lipstick formulas. Don’t forget to clean the lip line with concealer for a professional and polished finish.

Glitter works best when patted in with the finger…

2. Monochromatic Petal Pink

Soft pink blush is paired with a flush of pink shadow and a balm-like pink lip this fall. This overall rosy hue offers a youthful glow that appears to be lit-from-within.

Pro Tip:

Apply a light neutral or peachy blush across the apples of the cheeks. After applying a light brown shade through the crease, use the same blush to dust a soft pink halo at the outer edge of the transition color. This will give a hint of rose when the client’s eye are wide open without being overly dramatic or giving off 80’s vibes! Finish with a soft pink lip balm.

3. Natural Smoke

Sultry, smokey eyes are back in season! If been longing for smudge liner all summer, now’s your chance to set the trend in your makeup studio. Cream shimmer shadows offer a modern finish in hues of dimensional grey and brown.

Pro Tip:

An elongated shadow lifts the eye and will make this look more suitable for mature clients looking to vamp up their makeup style. Pair sultry eyes with a soft peach cheek and barely-there lip color for a cohesive and harmonious look.

4. Jolt of Neon

A bold pop of color is making its way into fall catalogues this year. Don’t shy away! There are simple and minimalistic ways to add a hint of neon orange, yellow or pink to any eye look.

Pro Tip:

Sleek winged liner is the best way to experiment with color! Pick up a few neon shades and offer clients a thin, streamlined cat eye using a neon shade complimentary to their skin tone. When using neon yellow, make sure your client’s lashes still pop by tight-lining the upper waterline with waterproof black liner. This will makeup the lash line is visible without disrupting the neon liner.

5. Terra Cotta Magic

Monochrome is finding another way into our look book this fall. Terra cotta lips, cheeks and eyes are a perfect trio. Warm reds pressed into the lips for a stain-like finish and accompanied by matte reddish brow shadow and a creamy terracotta cheek.

Pro Tip:

Make this look more wearable by choosing one statement feature. Whether it’s the eyes, the lips or the cheeks, make one of these features opaque. For the others, use creamy formulas with a blending sponge for a sheer finish.

6. Glitter!

For all you makeup artists why jump at the change to crack open your glitter palettes, brace your selves! Glitter is trending this fall. From a light dusting of loose shimmer of the eye lids and cheek bones, to full-on gun metal glitter smokey eyes, any and all ways of incorporating glitter will have you at the top of the trend charts this season!

Pro Tip:

When convincing a client to try glitter, start by offering a light dusting of chunky shimmer across the lids to top off the eyeshadow. Once they catch themselves in the mirror, they won’t be able to resist! Always use a sticky base and remember that glitter works best when patted in with the finger, rather than with a brush.

7. Plum Picks

Another choice color this season: plum. This deep berry shade is flattering on most skin tones ranging from pale ivory to deepest ebonies. Opt for creamy, opaque lips and a soft shimmery eye for a monochromatic whisper of plum.

Pro Tip:

For a trendy contrast, pair plum lips with lavender shadow. This contrast is eye catching and bold while remaining subtle and wearable! This looks best on cooler skin tones.

8. Doe Eyed Lashes

Chunky lashes can be cool, if executed properly. Apply several layers of mascara and apply individual lashes to fill in any gaps and lengthen the lashes. Using a black liner, draw fine hairlike strokes along the lower lash line for a trendy look. Thin lines keep this wearable and not Halloween makeup.

Pro Tip:

Keep the rest of this look fresh with matte cheeks and lips. This 60’s inspired look is all about the eyes, so don’t over emphasize any other areas of the face through harsh contouring and highlighting.